From idea to Cheetah-man

How does an idea as brilliant (dumb) as a time traveling secret agent with a cheetah head become the hottest new webcomic on the internet? Through the hard and talented work of Matt Cossin, artist and co-creator.

Matt had a tough task: make our brain farts into actual drawings people could look at. That meant he had a major role in creating how Time Cheetah looks.

It took a while to get from the first designs to the amazing Time Cheetah you now know. You always think 'dude with a cheetah-head' but you never actually VISUALIZE it until it's go time. Is his snout big? Are his ears cheetah ears or a different big cat? How tall is he? Below is one of the first designs that we felt hit the right note, the right energy. This Cheetah looks like he belongs more on an awesome metal album cover than in a secret mission, but it was the right step.

The better part of early 2014 was spent finalizing the design for show time, the Cheetah you see in Stalin Island. We also included the drawing Matt did that locked in his design, bad-ass Uzi and all, so you can see how many changes there were.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate the hard work that went into this: thank you Matt Cossin, Time Cheetah wouldn't be the same without you.