Wallpaper's worth a Thousand Words

Cheetah's new office is terrible: bad lighting, old computer and boxes full of surprises. But nothing sums it up quite as well as his wallpaper. 

And that's all thanks to our wonderful Colorist, Mikey Cossin. 

Our script for this page only mentions that Time Cheetah's office has some super sad wallpaper. We didn't expect to get the dilapidated, debilatinglinly depressing wallpaper that Mikey used. Not only that, it gives the page it's own unique color pallete in contrast with the rest of the issue. WHOA!

Comics, like international trade deals, require cooperation. The final product is never 100% the writers or the artists, it's a wonderful combination. Today, we wanted to highlight a piece that improves the whole and the man behind it. Way to go Mikey!

Why not see this work of art on today's new Time Cheetah Page? Or check out Mikey's shirt shop? OR DO BOTH!

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Welcome To Time Corp

If there's one thing I've learned while writing Time Cheetah, it's that you shouldn't have a main character who only ever says one thing. But the other thing I learned? You gotta be patient.

It took us a bit to finally get to the Time Corp lobby reveal, but this scene has been a part of the series since the early drafts of Stalin Island—our first Time Cheetah story. Then... how did it end up all the way in the second story, you ask? With a little something called editing.

Without spoiling what's coming up, Stalin Island used to contain more than a few things that you'll see in the early pages of Ford's Fortune. In our earliest drafts, Cheetah walks into Time Corp—much like he does here, but less hungover—and sits in a meeting where Ryan and Carl explain Stalin Island for a million boring panels. Not the best. At least that was better than the version where Rodriguez and the Chief argued about Time Cheetah for two pages—in an empty room without Time Cheetah even there. Superstar writers here, folks.

But as Stalin Island became less about Time Corp and more about getting Cheetah back in the saddle, certain moments had to fall by the wayside. We kept it in our pocket—we still wanted the lobby reveal, dagnabit—and once Ford's Fortune began to take its final shape, it seemed like a good place to bring Time Corp to the forefront!

Hope you enjoy the wonderful view that the inimitable Matt and Mike Cossin drew up, and stay tuned for a look at Time Cheetah's wonderful new office!

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Translating Time Cheetah

Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico, I've watched movies in English with Spanish subtitles my whole life. We actually did get a lot of concurrent Spanish dubbed releases but their quality varied wildly. However, I also know a good dub can make all the difference (Just ask any Mexican about Dragon Ball Z). So when the Time Cheetah Kickstarter began, I knew I wanted to offer a good Spanish language PDF of Stalin Island. 

Fun fact: translation is hard.

I've been bilingual since birth and I originally wrote the damn thing, so I have plenty of advantages, but even then there's a bunch of unforeseen challenges. Like, check it out:

-Spanish, in general, uses more syllables to say the same thing than English. So unless you want all of your word balloons to be 20% bigger and cover more of your beautiful art, you gotta go in there and do some cutting. Bye bye adjetives!

-Rodriguez is the worst. Why? He loves puns, wordplay, and antiquated idioms. 'Better dead than red' in Spanish sounds dumb and there isn't an equally satisfying replacement. Gotta come up with a new joke.

- 'Rawr!' becomes '¡Rawr!'

But enough of that, you came here for your dose of Time Cheetah! Good thing we got a sweet new page for ya. CHECK IT OUT!

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Hey. Guess what?

Time Cheetah's back, baby! Did we ever really leave, you might ask yourself... the answer is maybe. We took a nap. A long nap. But the purpose of the nap? To regain our strength and return better than ever!

It's been a little over a month since we wrapped our Time Cheetah Kickstarter, and we've been working on getting our first story, “The Secret of Stalin Island,” into book form. Along with that, we've been preparing T-shirts, postcards, sketches and many other rewards. But just 'cause we're hard at work on fulfilling our Kickstarter doesn't mean Time Cheetah wasn't already waiting in the wings to make a comeback.

And so we begin the next Time Cheetah story, entitled “Ford's Fortune”! After his successful mission stopping Colonel Bolshevik, Time Cheetah's about to embark on an adventure even more ridiculous than the last. The only thing I'll spoil about this story: there's gonna be a lot more cursing. Like, an unnecessary amount of cursing. Not by Cheetah, though. He's still just gonna say RAWR. I guess that sorta counts as a second spoiler... shit.

You know the drill: we update twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and write a nice little companion post like so. Two part story, 26 pages each. Awesome art with terrible jokes. Time Cheetah will be in it. Share us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and tumbl us on tumblr. PS we love you.

Alright, did you even read this far? What are you doing? There's a new Time Cheetah page to read, so go read it!

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