Ford Part 2 Update

Hello, dear readers, and welcome! Hope you've enjoyed Ford's Fortune so far. 

The Time Cheetah Team is taking a small hiatus so we can finish up preparations for our successful Kickstarter campaign's reward fulfillment. All sorts of cool stuff  has arrived (Stickers! Postcards!) and Books should be in our hands by mid-late August!

BUT WORRY NOT! We know your hunger for more Cheetah knows no bounds, so the good news is you won't have to wait long. Part 2 is all drawn and with the lettering almost done, we can safely say Ford's Fortune Part 2 will begin on August 22nd

Thank you all for the support, the love, and as always, RAWR!

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People Watching

All my jobs currently involve a lot of people watching, and America is a fascinating zoo. Sometimes you're lucky enough to see a unicorn: a person so confounding it bothers you for hours. Who are they? What decisions made brought them to this here?

Today, I want to share some of the unicorns I've seen with you. Maybe they'll ease your hard day as they have mine.

-A old man, definitely not homeless, popping wheelies in his wheelchair while blaring Eazy-E from the speakers he installed under said wheelchair.

-A man at the airport wearing a sports jacket, shorts, sunglasses, high socks, and tennis shoes. None of their colors matched.

-A woman struggling to keep up with cattle drive going through downtown San Diego (Yes, that happened), all the while holding a sign that said: 'Get informed,'

The world is a beautiful tapestry, just like Time Cheetah's newest page. Seriously, this is bananas.

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Sometimes, you get a comic you can't put down.

An acquaintance of mine gave me all three volumes of Tonoharu after we had a conversation about Japan. My major in college was Japanese and I studied in Kyoto for ten months, which was a life changing experience. I ended up realizing Japan wasn't a place I wanted to live in for lotsa complicated reasons but lack of beauty wasn't one of them. That beauty is an aspect Tonoharu captures perfectly. 

The book is stunning to look at (preview) and it's author, Lars Martinson, took a long time to capture all of it's little idiosyncrasies. Like, 13 years long for all three volumes, which is insane. I read it all in one sitting, I couldn't put it down.

It's about loneliness, being in foreign place, and finding inspiration in others. I really encourage anyone who's visited/studies/taught in Japan, or just wondered what an everyday feels like for a foreigner, to pick up a copy

We also encourage you see the new page of Time Cheetah, duh!

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All In

Story time, dear readers!

In the process of writing and re-writing “Ford’s Fortune,” we reached a point where we needed to trim things down. The second half of the story sprawls out into crazytown… but the first half needs a Casino Royale-style card game to set the stakes and give Time Cheetah a chance to shine. Problem—the card game itself was a few beats too long, but cutting it down any further would give us no room to show all the elements we wanted to include (players, cards, reveals, reversals).

My brother and I were sorta stuck on it for a while… until we gave it some extra thought and realized we had been missing the forest for the trees: what we needed to keep weren’t the events of a card game—it was the drama! In which case, we just had the game move at an absurdly fast pace, even if it made no sense. After all, drinking freely and with these ridiculous personalities around him, Time Cheetah would definitely up the ante soon as he could.

There’s more to the scene than today’s Time Cheetah page, not gonna spoil what happens next, but I will say: the payoff to Leland’s rash move is almost instantaneous!

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