Time Cheetah Kickstarter Begins!

Since the day we started Time Cheetah—a webcomic about a time traveling cat man who punches time criminals in the face—we knew we eventually wanted to take it big time. And now, the day has arrived: we're launching our very first Time Cheetah Kickstarter!

We're gonna collect our first Time Cheetah story “The Secret of Stalin Island” into a 72+ page softcover book, and we need your help to do it! Click through the Kickstarter link, watch the video, and check out our rewards. We've got the book, we've got loot, we've got t-shirts, and more. We're offering up plenty but it won't do us much good without your support!

Time Cheetah's come a long way since 2016 and I want to give a sincere thank you to everyone that's helped get us to this point. Matt and Mike Cossin have done an amazing job with the art, Tom Long's lettered the hell out of it, Samantha Barlin gave us an awesome logo and awesome Kickstarter designs, Carolina Matamoros helped us craft a sterling video, and Gregory Dengler provided some cool video animation. All the incredibly talented creators that gave us glowing quotes, all the friends and family supporting us along the way, and everyone who made the time to read our ridiculous webcomic: thank you so much.

With the Kickstarter finally launching, we're gonna be keeping busy! We've got a lot of cool stuff to reveal, a new story to unveil, and a project goal to hit in the next few weeks. We're excited to show you more and hope you'll support our project. Now give us your money, please!