Wrapping Up Part 2

And that's a wrap on Stalin Island Part 2! With that, the first Time Cheetah story is complete. 52 pages of oddly compelling nonsense or an absurd action/adventure for the ages? Maybe both? Sure.

If you've yet to start reading or you need to catch up, now's the perfect moment. There's a helpful link on the homepage's sidebar if it's your first time here, or check out the Archives page if you wanna pick up where you last left off!

And for those folks who have stuck around for almost 30 weeks of a time traveling cat man chasing after a communist criminal with interstellar aspirations: thank you so very much. There's other stuff on the internet that you could have spent time on (or, let's face it, plenty of regular life stuff too), but the fact that you stuck around for two pages a week for 6 months makes us so incredibly happy. Sincerely, truly, thank you so much for reading. And if you liked what you read so far, it only gets better from here!

I really intended to write a bit more about how this story came together, but I think we'll save that for the coming weeks. I'll post some behind the scenes images and a pinup or two while we gear up for our big announcement...

...which I'll just spoil right now: we're gonna run a Kickstarter in early February. Fucking awesome, right?!

Full details? Those'll have to wait until we set the final launch date. For now: thanks again for your support, and please keep sharing and telling people about Time Cheetah, the hottest new webcomic on the internet!