What is "Time Cheetah"?

A comedy/adventure series that follows the adventures of the titular time traveler, Time Cheetah. As an agent of the timeline policing organization known as Time Corp, Time Cheetah jumps from era to era, stopping time criminals from altering our timeline! With the help of former mentor Rodriguez and the (mostly helpful) handlers known as The Brains, Time Cheetah upholds the law over every time period imaginable!

Uh, what?

Oh, you might be wondering: "Who IS Time Cheetah?"

Yeah, sure. Who's Time Cheetah?

Though his origins remain top secret, what we do know about Time Cheetah is that he's THE BEST: incredible agility and reflexes, superior strength, a quick wit, and charisma out the wazoo. Capable of time jumping by sprinting at tremendous speeds, Time Cheetah carries out Time Corp's most dangerous missions, anywhere and anywhen!

Oh... so, what's up with that cat head? And only speaking one word?

We have no idea what you're talking about. Did you mean to ask "What is Time Corp?"

No, I—

Sworn to protect the world from time crime and time tampering, Time Corp uses (mostly) state of the art technology and (mostly) highly trained agents to police the timeline and keep our history—past, present and future—safe and sound.

I'm leaving.

You're welcome!

About the Writers

Carlos Guzman is one of the writers and co-creator of Time Cheetah. Years ago he got a very dumb idea that you get to read now for no money. Well, not no money. After all, time is money. So I guess this does cost you precious minutes of the only life you're ever gonna live. Unless you're into the whole reincarnation thing.  Carlos has been working in comics as an editor at IDW Publishing for a whole bunch of years. And now he gets to make his own comic, how about that? 

You can follow him on twitter, @Rufio_420.


Alejandro Verdugo is one of the writers and co-creator of Time Cheetah. He is Carlos' brother, despite the different last name thing. There's a reason for it, but nobody cares. Currently, he gives tours of Tijuana, Mexico with Turista Libre and helps keep this entire enterprise from collapsing in on itself.


About the Artists

Matt Cossin is the artist and co-creator of Time Cheetah. His first published comic work was for French publisher Humanoids Publishing, illustrating  a cover for an issue of The Incal mini-series, a comic co-created by Moebius and Alejandro Jodorowsky. This was followed up with a short story for Metal Hurlant and a graphic novel mini-series of his own, Flywires, with writer Chuck Austen for the same publisher.

Since then, he's done covers, colors and comic page art for publishers such as Devils Due Publishing, Insight Studios Group and Boom! Studios, on books such as G.I. Joe and Transformers. Now working on Time Cheetah, Matt is also writing scripts and has a few other comic projects in the works.  Check KingMakersComix for info on his latest projects.


Mikey Cossin is the colorist of Time Cheetah. He loves comics and thinks being the first to discover a good comic is the best. He's been coloring comics professionally since 2004 and making his own since grade school. He also hits his deadlines, so he's great in our book!
If you would like to stalk him or his comics work, check out his site: KingMakersComix.  Buy his T-shirts!


Tom B. Long is a letterer extraordinaire, with the daunting task of rendering one RAWR in many different fonts. You can find  him on his twitter, @tombgrfx.


Two sets of brothers? Is this some sort of weird brother cult?

Not on purpose, we assure you. Any allegations, rumors or FBI investigations that say otherwise are greatly exaggerated.