Good Idea, Bad Idea

Sometimes, at the start of the New Year, you have to simplify. This year I got a foolproof plan: I'm gonna do more good ideas and less bad ideas. The trick is to correctly identify which ideas are which. Let's practice.

-When I get an important email, I'm gonna answer it ASAP. Good idea!

-I can't stop eating potato chips, so I'm buying 5 bags. Bad idea!

-Visiting a possible employer today, better dress to impress. Good idea!

-It's June, 1974 in Cleveland. The Texas Ranger's just called out your baseball team of being weak. To spark up the community, we're gonna offer a 10 Cent Beer Night (50 cents in 2016 dollars) with a limite of 6 beers per purchase. Not person. Purchase. Bad idea!

Hopefully you've gotten the hang of this and know that bringing a hang glider, as our newest Time Cheetah page can attest, is a good idea!