Photoshop Trials

If you ever wanna feel dumb, try learning Photoshop by yourself. 

Many of the buttons look the same as in other Microsoft applications. They are not. You may think what you're trying to achieve, such as extending a line, is simple. The gods laugh at your hubris. But hey, at least when you're done, storing and exporting is as easy as 1, 2, 3 oh shit I guess I never wanted an image anyways.

You may say, Alejandro, the internet is a wonderful resource! Simply look for a Youtube tutorial and voila, you'll be making fake news photos in no time!

Counterpoint: if I have to listen to one more overly-salivating techy take 15 minutes to explain two button presses, I'll yell at an otter.

Not hurt. Not harm. Yell.

Man, I better unwind with this Newest Page of Time Cheetah. You know you can check us out and subscribe on the wonderful Tapastic? You will, after we drill it into your head fifty times!