Wrapping Up Part 1

And that's a wrap on Stalin Island Part 1! It feels like such a short amount of time has gone by since we started, but... uh... it's actually been 3 months. Which, wow, you know. The inevitable passage of time.

If you're just joining us, this is a great point to do it! We've got 26 pages of Time Cheetah shenanigans for you to check out, there's a helpful link on the homepage's sidebar, get to it!

If you've been reading all along, a very hearty thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to us that people are actually reading and enjoying something we made that's this downright ridiculous! It's not over yet, though, and I can guarantee one thing: if you enjoyed any of the crazyness in the first part of the story, the second part of Stalin Island cranks that crazyness up to an almost unbearable degree. You will straight up have to cut crazyness out of your diet for a few days once this story wraps up!

For Part 2, we'll also do a little more talking about the comic book itself in the blog posts. A little history, some talk of previous drafts, that sorta stuff. For now: thanks again, hope you're liking the story so far, and keep sharing and telling people about Time Cheetah, the hottest new webcomic on the internet!