Last Crusade

Hey, when was the last time you watched Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade?

--If the answer is "never," stop reading, leave whatever location you are in and go to the nearest computer (if you are reading this on a computer, just leave the room and come right back in) and stream that bad boy. Right now.

--If the answer is “a while ago,” then you might not remember how much of an absolute blast you have every time you watch this movie. Like the part with the boats? Or the Nazi castle? What about the blimp? Or the tank? Ah man. Time for a rewatch.

--If the answer is “oh, I just watched it last week,” or “I just finished watching because you told me to, jackass” or whatever, then you're fine. Oh, wait, I meant WATCH IT AGAIN!

What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Time Cheetah! We're so close to the end of Part 1, and Colonel Bolshevik is tantalizingly out of sight. Read on!