Too Much Mexico?

Is there such a thing as too much Mexico in one weekend? Yes.

You may know I recommend the tour company I work for, Turista Libre, way too much for a job that doesn't pay commission. You may also know it was Mexican Independence Day last weekend on September 16th. And you may remember that 'Canelo' Alvarez, our current gift to boxing, challenged the junior lightweight champion the night after.


-Drinking for our non-alien destroying Independence Day.

-Drinking for my private beer tour on Saturday. The itinerary? Drinking. When I was done...

-Drinking at Plaza Fiesta to watch the Canelo fight. More drinking when he won. 

-Drinking Sunday for another private tour. Guess the itinerary.

If anybody knows a patriotism detox, I'm all ears. I'll just relax with a stunning new page of Time Cheetah, the hottest new webcomic in Mexico. Viva!