Not Many Scones

I work in comics, I write Time Cheetah, and, on occasion, I play video games. And the video game story of the day is that No Man’s Sky (NMS to its close friends), Hello Game’s highly anticipated space travel/trade/fight/lookit-that-weird-thing game, is finally out on PS4. Will the game be good? Who knows! But the soundtrack is pretty sweet, so to commemorate the release, why not give it a listen?

In Time Cheetah news, we’re 10 pages in and pretty close to actually getting to Stalin Island. In the meanwhile, you’ve all met Ryan and Carl. Here’s some fun facts about these two:

—Aside from Rodriguez, these guys were the first characters that my brother Alejandro and I created for Time Cheetah. They used to be even dumber, if you can believe it.

—I have had about four different close friends named Ryan since I left High School. This character is based on none of them.

—In Numerology, Carl translates to 3-1-18-12, which is in reference to the Christian trinity (Father, Son, Holy Ghost = 3) being the one (one = 1) who orchestrated the War of 1812 (18+12, but not like addition, right next to each other = 1812). It’s not what’s usually taught in the textbooks, but I wanted to get some REAL facts out there, and using character names is my favorite way to do it.

—I don’t know what Numerology actually is, please help.

Anyway, keep reading Time Cheetah, today’s page actually has a small detail which will lead to many, many jokes down the road. Just in case the jokes on this page don’t do it for ya, WE’RE WORKING AHEAD!