Taco Translation

Translation is hard and dumb at the same time.

I've spent my whole life growing up with two languages, Spanish and English, in two cities, San Diego and Tijuana, that often seem undecided as to which one they want to use more. I can switch between the two mid-sentence, blend regional pronunciations for both, and decipher the nuance of slang in either one. But it took my whole life to get to this point.

Translation is hard.

Today, I had Tacos Varios for lunch. I'm sure even those well versed in Mexican Cuisine will be confused, Tacos what-nowTacos Varios are incredibly common in Mexico, but non-existent in the USA. They're tacos filled with the ingredients from a stew. Most places have many stews to choose from, hence the name, Tacos Varios.

What does Tacos Varios translate to in English? Various Tacos.

You go to a Various Tacos cart to have various types of tacos.

Translation is dumb

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