Yes And?

You may wonder, especially after reading Tuesday's essay on Cats, how is it that my brother Carlos is so funny? The answer is simple: years of improv. Every week, twice a week, he would go to the improv factory and work on the line building jokes. And that hard work payed off. Now, he's a funny-mage with public laughter at his beck and call.

Being brothers, this clear edge will not do.

I have just started improv classes myself. It is a cold craft, though that may have just been the air conditioning. Despite all the friendly people and light atmosphere, I will forge on.

Already I feel progress in my very veins. One of the key lessons was of 'Yes And'. The concept of 'No' does not exist in improv. Much like Buddhism, one must accept the world as it is, not question or reject it. 

Let's practice this, you and I. A statement will supplied for you, rest easy. But only you can finish this improv cycle. Ready?

- "The new Time Cheetah page sure is amazing!"

Quick, 'Yes And'. 'YES AND'!