Pop quiz, hot shot: cat person or dog person?

My friend Rodrigo has two cats (names withheld to protect their identities), and they both exist in a dimension other than our own. I cannot physically do anything to attract their attention. I've called their names, tried to pet them, looked at them, NOT looked at them, sat completely still, blown an airhorn... absolutely nothing makes them pay attention to me. But this weekend, when my girlfriend and I were over at his place for dinner, all she did was coo and put her hand out. And those cats stopped peering into the infinite abyss, actually gave a shit and payed attention to her.

Like I said: cat person or dog person?

I know what I am (dog person). I know what my girlfriend is (cat person). I know what Time Cheetah is (Cat Person). And I know what David Bowie was (Cat People). What are you?

Anyway, read today's newest page. Makes more sense than this!