Amazon’s new Pilot Season program released my favorite 30-minute anything of the summer: Jean Claude Van Johnson. It stars Jean Claude Van Damme (from Bloodsport and Timecop and my dreams), it’s directed by the guy who directed Keanu (and hundreds of sketches on Key & Peele), it’s a comedy/action story that’s funny AND actually understands action movie tropes and it is… Just. So. Perfect. It’s one of those things that makes you happy, angry, and thrilled all at once: happy that it even exists, angry that it does something that you’ve thought of doing and just nails it completely from the get-go, and thrilled that there could be even more of it! It’s 30 minutes, it’s free, it’s on Amazon. Go watch it!

Today’s Time Cheetah touches on something that will come up again and again: Carl is an idiot.
Well, also: pay attention to stupid little details (after you read today's page, head back to Page 10 to see what I mean), they start paying off as the story goes on!