Just a Bunch of Brothers Being Brothers

We had an official Time Cheetah Team lunch with our artists, Matt and Mike Cossin, yesterday to talk about the crazy success of Time Cheetah, the hottest new webcomic on the internet. Oh sure, we go over schedules and deadlines and human resource complaints, but we mostly just high five each other over how great we are.

The topic changed to domestic matters as Mike started to complain about how Matt had been constantly using Mike's tablet. Matt defended himself by saying his own tablet was broken, and his own tasks were far more more important. Soon, they were throwing a barrage of insults and french fries at each other.

This scenario actually came to me as a great relief. Me and my brother, Carlos, are so in tune with each other that we often actually finish each other's sentences. And yet, that very morning, I had felt a great fury come over me as I saw my brother drop crumbs all over the kitchen counter. Again. 

Never forget the great universal truth: no matter how deep a connection you have with your brother, you are, at the end of the day, always on the edge of stabbing them with a fork.

Enjoy the new Time Cheetah page today! Already our clever hero is improvising with the tools at his disposal!