Don't Think About It Too Much

Don't Think Twice is a movie written and directed by comedian Mike Birbiglia about an improv group and what happens when one of the members advances his career to the next level. I like Mr. Birbiglia's comedy (check his specials on Netflix!), I'm taking improv classes while my brother is in an improv team, and reviews have been good; sounds like a slam dunk solo viewing experience, right? 

What I expected: Wacky hijinks, beginner's improv cringe moments, "Funny Guest Star?!", and comedy(love?) conquers all in the end.

What  I got: The fragility of friendships, tangling with defining failure, "Funny Guest Star?!", and how life marches on. 

It's an excellent film with a lot of great jokes, but make sure you're in a good place when you watch it. You know what won't put you through an emotional roller coaster? The new Time Cheetah Page! Ah sweet comfort.