Welcome To Stalin Island

Getting Time Cheetah out two pages at a time is very exciting and slightly vexing.

Exciting = you all get to see something that me, my brother, Matt, and Mike have been working on for quite some time, and you’ll get new Time Cheetah week in and week out for a while yet.

Slightly Vexing = We wrote this story more than a year ago and it’s all drawn, too! Knowing everything that happens in it, we just want you to be able to read the whole thing, like, RIGHT NOW!

This week marks a true turning point, when the scales come down firmly on the exciting side: Time Cheetah arrives on Stalin Island! From here on out, things keep getting (hopefully) funnier and (definitely) weirder; if you’ve just been dipping your toe and checking out a page here and there, this is the week where I would suggest diving in. It’s about time you find out why Time Cheetah is known as the hottest new webcomic on the internet! (it’s true [probably, if we keep saying it])

And a reminder: like us on Facebook, follow Time Cheetah on Twitter and Tumblr, and share the website with your co-workers and loved ones! Hope you enjoy the gorgeous art on today’s page, and get ready for a fun twist to the story on Thursday!