Boy do I LOVE Comic Con!

Comic Con just started last night, and the world of pop culture holds it's breath! Unlike my labor-slave brother, who toils down in the comic mines, the Con is just a grand old time for me. Hooray for temporary unemployment!

While much is made of the great reveals that happen at Comic Con, I also find it to be a great way to check the pulse of the geek/nerd community. What's up with the kids these days?

1. The Convention was COVERED in Pokemon Go lures. The stench of them filled every corner. Every crevice. Every thought. 

2. I'm seeing a lot more parent/child groups. While Sunday, Kids Day, has always had a lot of children, seeing so many since even Preview Night (which you can only enter by buying a 4 day ticket, AND an additional cost) implies that love of geek/nerd culture is being passed down to kids by their own parents. It's pretty magical, actually. 

3. Time Cheetah is, by far, the hottest new webcomic out there. The Con is CRAZY for Time Cheetah. Take my word for it.

That's it for today, enjoy another new page of Time Cheetah. I'm off to wait in line wearing a magnificent Furiosa cosplay. Bye!