Comic Con! Dear Lord!

Did you know that San Diego Comic Con starts this week? I did, 'cause I'm working there! I figured I could take this chance to list my 5 favorite things to do when the biggest geek convention in the U.S. comes to town.

1. Meet all sorts of new creators: artists, writers, colorists, newcomers, old pros, everyone!

2. Cry.

3. Force my way through the relentless, suffocating crowd, composed of people of all races, ages and creeds, all here to feed at the trough of pop culture!

4. Lie down in a quiet spot and close my eyes, but never sleep. Never.

5. Find a new exciting comic, TV show or movie that I can share with all my friends!

You may have a different list of favorites (SDCC's got a lot to offer), but if you can relate to that last one, how about sharing this cool new Time Cheetah comic with some of your friends? I'm sure they'd love it!

Enough from me, I gotta get back to staring blankly at signing schedules while keeping my hands from shaking. Enjoy the new page and thanks for stopping by!