Comic Con Postscript

San Diego Comic Con has finally left our fair city, scattering to the wind like a plague of locusts, not to return until next year's harvest! When I wasn't working at the IDW Publishing booth (Come visit us at booth #... oh), I managed to snag a few cool things:

–Bought a few prints from Kris Kehasukjaren, who draws some wonderful images! I bought the DBZ, Studio Ghibli, and Smash Bros. prints, but would have gotten a few more if I had more money to spend. Check out his stuff at!

Boys Club by Matt Furie. Some truly ridiculous stoner humor. Lots of gross stuff, but I couldn't stop laughing. I'm a simple man with simple tastes.

Hip Hop Family Tree vol. 4 by Ed Piskor. The three previous volumes have all been fantastic, and Ed Piskor is keeping up the quality. Can't wait to dig in!

I also managed to go to a single panel, the Samurai Jack panel where they showed some new footage for the upcoming Adult Swim show. All I can say is... I owe a lot of my creative career—past, present, and future—to Genndy Tartakovsky and the Sam Jack crew. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

You know what else is almost as good as all these things? Time Cheetah! Check out today's new page, it has one of my favorite jokes. (Hint: it involves the word FUCK)