Face An Ass Kicking!

While big news events have taken place over the last week (well, over the last year, really), Time Cheetah quietly reached a small but important milestone: we’ve got 100 Facebook likes! From all of you! A few months ago, we expected a few friends and family to take a look, but have been so pleasantly surprised at the love and support this dumb ol’ webcomic’s received. I know stuff like this is pretty small potatoes, but it means a lot to us. A very sincere thank you to everyone that’s been reading, sharing, and enjoying Time Cheetah!

You guys seen Arrival yet? It’s good, y’all. Like, solid acting, deliberate pacing, good writing, excellent cinematography and directorial choices, great editing, fantastic music, whole package sort of good. I don’t wanna get spoiler-y, but let’s just say that as a guy who writes a comic that involves time travel, I extra loved it by the end. Watch it, for sure.

So, let me just say this about today’s page: once we had this final Stalin Island script written up, the second issue neatly divided into two parts. The first half is everything leading up to and ending with Stalin Roulette. The second half starts with this page. And from this point on, everything gets stupid crazy. I seriously cannot wait for everyone to see what happens in the next few weeks. Get reading and get psyched for Time Cheetah!