Neuroscience Convention

As my brother stated in his last post, shit is about to get stupid crazy in Time Cheetah. As such, I'd like to this last moment of quiet to talk about temping at the 2016 Neuroscience Convention

What does a Neuroscience Convention even look like? Glad you asked. Here are the stray thoughts:

- Half of the exhibition hall was just scientists hanging out in front of large poster boards, explaining their research. Sometimes there's a crowd and you get to see like minds share ideas right in front of you, other times they're alone and you're reminded of the cold darkness in this universe.

- Neuroscientists are a calm bunch so there were no disturbances but that didn't mean they didn't party. Lotsa hangovers and lotsa outfits that were not meant for just science ifyouknowwhatimean. 

- Nothing is better than freaking out a Japanese person by speaking to them in Japanese, out of nowhere, with perfect pronunciation. Every 'OH!' face extended my life by month.

- At the end of the day, A LOT of the research is about some shit they did to rats.

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