Stalin Roulette

Stalin Roulette, a game so stupid only my brother could come up with it.

As Carlos has mentioned before, Stalin Island went through many, many rewrites and this sequence had the good luck of being one our favorites (sorry savage cosmonauts). But it didn't survive unchanged!

For one, it used to happen in it's entirety in Part 1, but we needed the space. Then it was the cliff hanger before Part 2, but it didn't work and delayed Bolshevik's introduction too much. THEN it was changed thematically from a sort of 'Pass Stalin's test of wits!' to Cheetah proving his worth and friendship to Rodriguez. THEN we added henchmen for Cheetah to unload on, because before he just shoot all six bullets into the air!

Writing is hard, guys. But in the end, I don't think anything contributed as much as the stunning first panel on this page from our artist, Matt Cossin. Where we had to get out of our way and simplify, he elevated our stupid idea to greatness.

So, seriously, check out today's New Page. If you like it, check out Matt Cossin's art page too!