Cheetah Gon' Give It To Ya

The Secret of Stalin Island, Part 2 starts today with a beautiful cover from our artist Matt Cossin. Cower in it's awe inducing splendor.

As my brother Carlos stated last post, this story has been in the works for years. YEARS. There is nothing we want more than to amaze you with all the 26 pages of insanity you have coming your way right now, but the Greek Myths haves warned us of the dangers of hubris. The schedule must be respected.

But HARK! Witness the cover, for like a treasure map it has all the clues you need. Gaze over every detail and listen well: everything in that cover happens in Part 2

Every. Single. Thing.

Stick around and strap in, it's gonna get a little crazy! Why don't you share Time Cheetah with your friends/enemies so we can strap them in too?