We're Back!

Time Cheetah's back, baby! The Secret of Stalin Island Part 2 begins today, and y'all are in for quite a fun time. Long time readers, dive right in! But new readers? Stick around, let me giva ya some facts:

-Time Cheetah is a comic about a time traveling cat man who punches time criminals in the face.

-It is not a drama.

-It's written by Carlos Guzman and Alejandro Verdugo, drawn by Matt Cossin, colored by Mike Cossin, and lettered by Tom Long.

–Today we're kicking off the second part of our first Time Cheetah story: Time Cheetah and the Secret of Stalin Island! This second part will run for 26 pages before it ends, which means there's already 26 pages for you to check out!

-We update the site with a new text piece (like this one) and a new comic book page every Tuesday and Thursday. So far, the schedule has been pretty consistent, so make sure to check back twice every week and we'll have new stuff up!

-If you like Time Cheetah, spread the word! And if you REALLY like Time Cheetah, be sure to follow us on twitter, tumblr and facebook (right on the sidebar).

-A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope of butterflies. A group of kaleidoscopes is called a buttload of kaleidoscopes. Wow!

This new page picks up pretty close to where we left off, and has fun little Batman reference for good measure! Get reading already!