Time To Tijuana

Are you promoting the Tijuana tour company you work for, Turista Libre, in your posts again Alejandro? Shame!

Yes! But there are so many great tours coming up, I'd be remiss not to try and convince you to bring your delicious dollars across the border. 

Want to go see Lucha Libre? We got that, ringside seats too. A tour composed entirely of Taco stops? Yup, your stomach is not ready. A visit to Baja Wine country? Of course! Day of the Dead tour, Brewery visits, Market hop and two separate Seventh Anniversary spectaculars in which we visit 7 locations back to back (a friendly day version and a boozy night version)? OH YEAH!

There's something for everyone right now, so put your silly drug crime related fears aside and come down to visit Tijuana! Only AFTER you see the newest Time Cheetah page though. No sooner. 

Signed, Alejandro_Cheetah