Little Annoyances

Sometimes, it's not the big things that are the problem. Sometimes life just gives you a bunch of pokes, of little annoyances, to see if it can get a reaction out of you. Make you break. You don't, 'cause you're a model citizen, but it's still... trying.

This weekend, life poked me a lot. You must have, at times, felt your fair share of annoyances as well. I wanted to share mine with you so we may all come together in our united hatred of these very petty issues:

- I ordered an ice coffee at a fast food restaurant. "We don't sell Ice coffee." No problem, coffee with a cup of ice, please. "Our coffee machine is broken."

- At a concert, I wanted a beer. They had Domestic and Imported on the price sign. What are the Imported options? "Heineken." Domestic? "Bud Light." Why not just write Bud Light and Heineken on the price sign then? "I dunno." Well, how big is the Heineken? "A cup, I dunno how many ounces."

- I was eating at a Vietnamese Restaurant and ordered the Yellow Curry for a not-cheap price. "Would you like a $2 cup of white rice with that?" Oh, you mean extra rice? "No, the curry doesn't come with rice." Oh, sure. I'll just drink it straight. Like soup. 

You know what else is really annoying? Henry Ford. Don't believe me? Just look at Today's New Page!