The name's Ford, Henry Ford...

Repeat after me: the Henry Ford as portrayed in Time Cheetah is in no way to be confused with any Henry Ford living or dead. 

With that legal disclaimer out of the way, allow me to share with you a glimpse at the process of making this Time Cheetah story. Not the stuff that makes us sound smart, but the part that makes my brother sound insane.

Time Cheetah stories tend to be born from booze so they're all pretty wacky to begin with. And while this story is nowhere near the craziest, it does have one of my brother's weirdest creative choices. Time Cheetah playing in a secret card game where all the players are car makers is, already, rather specific. But hey, at least it's tried and true ground for spy stories, right? No, the choice he made was that Henry Ford was going to be a rogue asshole

Perfect salt and pepper hair? Check. Enormous ego? Yup. About to beat someone up within the first page of meeting him? You fucking know it.

I won't get too into it, but the choice ended up really paying off. There is not a single person in this story Ford will not piss off in some way. Why not start by checking out his awesome introduction, in the newest Time Cheetah page?