Translating Time Cheetah

Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico, I've watched movies in English with Spanish subtitles my whole life. We actually did get a lot of concurrent Spanish dubbed releases but their quality varied wildly. However, I also know a good dub can make all the difference (Just ask any Mexican about Dragon Ball Z). So when the Time Cheetah Kickstarter began, I knew I wanted to offer a good Spanish language PDF of Stalin Island. 

Fun fact: translation is hard.

I've been bilingual since birth and I originally wrote the damn thing, so I have plenty of advantages, but even then there's a bunch of unforeseen challenges. Like, check it out:

-Spanish, in general, uses more syllables to say the same thing than English. So unless you want all of your word balloons to be 20% bigger and cover more of your beautiful art, you gotta go in there and do some cutting. Bye bye adjetives!

-Rodriguez is the worst. Why? He loves puns, wordplay, and antiquated idioms. 'Better dead than red' in Spanish sounds dumb and there isn't an equally satisfying replacement. Gotta come up with a new joke.

- 'Rawr!' becomes '¡Rawr!'

But enough of that, you came here for your dose of Time Cheetah! Good thing we got a sweet new page for ya. CHECK IT OUT!