Cinema Solo

In today's New Time Cheetah Page, our titular hero expresses his absolute need to go at it alone. I found myself admiring his confidence in this decision, and so I too decided to go at it solo.

I went to the movies yesterday. Alone.

What?! How could you be so handsome and reckless, Alejandro? Society deems movie-going to be strictly a group activity, and those who choose to go alone are outcasts. 

Well today I tell you, it was GLORIOUS. One ticket was cheaper, at a show time of my convenience, and gone were the debates of where to sit or what to eat. There was only one decider in this trip, ME, and I exercised my freedom with an iron fist. That the movie, Hell or High Water, was an excellent Texan Crime Drama was but icing on the cake.

So I plead with you: the next time you feel the urge to go to the movies alone, do it. Be like Time Cheetah. He's a strong, independent agent who don't need no Rodriguez!