From Art Exhibit to Blade 2

Alejandro reporting in, having hacked my brother's account to give you all the hottest tip of the season: Guillermo del Toro's new special exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts is amazing. 

Del Toro is one of Mexico's greatest contributions to the world, behind only the Chile Relleno. He's the visionary behind Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy and even Pacific Rim; and the exhibition is full of props from these films. You can witness the craft and care taken to create these films up close!

But Del Toro is ALSO kinda insane and collects a worrying amount of horror parafernalia that is also on display. The exhibition is actually set up to kinda mirror his 'Bleak House', a private man-cave full of life-size horror movie replicas and confusing contraptions instead of flat screens and nachos.

It's a fantastic exhibit. They even have TV's set up that have montages of his work, showing his artful cinematography and poignant themes.

You know what else they show? Dope ass footage from Blade 2. You know what's on Netflix? Blade 2. Watched it that night.  I got a double dose of Del Toro in one day, and I loved it. 

Go to the exhibit and go check out the newest page of Time Cheetah. Our heroes walk into the scene of a horrible crime, could the perpetrators be club dancing vampires? Stay tuned!