All Your Fanbase Are Belong To Us

So, this weekend, a good friend of mine actually dressed up as Time Cheetah for Halloween! That in itself is amazing, but it also checks off an item on my Time Cheetah Fanbase Dream List. The list includes:

--See someone dressed up as Time Cheetah (done, son)

--Read a multi-part Time Cheetah fanfic where he's in High School and joins the goth kids and is best friends with the person who writes the fanfic (are goth kids still around? Who am I kidding, goths are eternal)

--Find a tumblr that retweets Time Cheetah x Rodriguez fanart, where they hold each other and make out and one of them has angel wings and shit (or devil wings, if you wanna get saucy)

–See a grown ass lady post a 20-minute Time Cheetah makeup tutorial (#fabulous)

--See people on a message board get into an impassioned argument about who can run faster, Time Cheetah or Sonic The Hedgehog (Answer: you are a nerd)

These are my dreams, and I know we have a long way to go and a fanbase to grow and cultivate... but the fact that I could cross one off the list this early makes me very happy.

Oh yeah! New Time Cheetah page! In this one, Colonel Bolshevik gloats like only he can!