The Making of Stalin Island Part 2

Time to take you back to the fall of 2013, when Edward Snowden leaked Paula Deen’s racist comments and Kanye West finally got engaged to the Star Trek alien he was dating (a Cardassian, for you non-Trekkies). You may recall from a previous post how my brother Alejandro and I had already come up with Stalin Island and the nefarious Stalin A.I. But we still needed a villain, someone who was calling the shots and could be revealed as the true bad guy.

We batted around some weird ideas: a resurrected cybernetic Che Guevara (Robo-Che!), a communist ape that had become super-smart after being launched off into space. Eventually, we settled on a generic sounding villain as a placeholder: Colonel Bolshevik. Could only be more stereotypical if he was called Captain Russia or General Communist, really.

Now we had to figure out: what the hell was he up to? Well, we still had lost Cosmonauts in the story… so we thought, maybe Bolshevik is trying to launch them back to space? Slowly, we realized the true timeline-altering answer: Bolshevik was gonna beat America to the moon! How? By launching the entirety of Mount Redmore into space. Naturally.

As the script took shape around this very silly idea, suddenly Colonel Bolshevik started feeling less like a typical villain and took on a personality of his own. A boisterous, gloating Russian dickhead with a crazy plan. The more we wrote him, the more we liked him. He was just a perfect foil to Time Cheetah and makes their inevitable showdown that much more satisfying.

For now, enjoy Colonel Bolshevik’s crazy plan and seeing Time Cheetah get smacked around a little. The tables will soon turn!