Ford's Fortune Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! We've been quiet for a hot minute since our Kickstarter ended with it's amazing success (273 Backers and $9,435 pledged! #humblebrag) and more updates on it will come soon. But we wanted to et you know that we're coming back in full force next Tuesday:

Time Cheetah's newest adventure, FORD'S FORTUNE will start on Apirl 4th

Another 56 pages of awesome comedy action? You betcha, check back every Tuesday and Thursday starting next week for that day's page. But for now, check out our sweet cover and wonder how you lived before you had Time Cheetah in your life.

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Miami Price or How It All Started

Goodness, we've been so caught up with our Time Cheetah Kickstarter, we haven't really brought people's attention to another important thing: we're releasing a new Time Cheetah story! We started the story concurrently with the Kickstarter, and it runs through the end of the campaign. It's an 8-page story called “Miami Price,” where Time Cheetah and Rodriguez chase down an infamous drug dealer and take on his insane bodyguard... the Cocaine Samurai!

“Miami Price” is actually the FIRST Time Cheetah story ever drawn. Back in 2014, when my brother and I first met Matt and Mike Cossin, we wanted to get a feel for how they'd approach the material without having to commit them to a long script. So we dove in and wrote a bonkers 8-page story that would show off all the coolest things about Time Cheetah (action, comedy, 80's references, terrible puns) and allow Matt and Mike Cossin plenty of space to make the material their own.

The end result? I mean, we couldn't wait for them to start on more! I don't want to spoil anything yet, but Time Cheetah and Rodriguez's confrontation with the Cocaine Samurai will go down as one of my favorite things about our webcomic. Matt and Mike went right into “The Secret of Stalin Island” after this was done—and the rest is history!

So enjoy “Miami Price” this month... or you can always wait and read it when we collect it—along with “The Secret of Stalin Island”—in the Time Cheetah printed book!

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$6,000 in a week!

This has all been... pretty insane. In 7 days, we not only got funded, but already reached our first stretch goal!

Everyone who supported us--friends, family, fans and random strangers--THANK YOU SO MUCH! I knew we had a good chance of getting this off the ground, but never imagined we would do it this quickly, with this crazy outpouring of support! So thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks I NEED TO STOP SAYING THANKS BUT THANK YOU!!!

We've also hit our very first Stretch Goal! Woo! Everyone that's receiving a physical book will get an upgraded version with extra pages and a shinier cover. 

Now it's time to shoot for Stretch Goal #2! If we reach $8,000, we're gonna upgrade everyone's rewards starting at the $35 tier with two brand new postcards and one brand new sticker!

Please keep sharing Time Cheetah as much as you can! You guys have pushed us further than we thought possible and with your help it'll only go up from here. Thank you so much!

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$4,000 in two days!

OK, the first day was crazy... but somehow this second day was crazier! After hitting $3,000 in our first 24 hours, here's what has happened since:

--We're now slightly over $4,000, putting us at more than 80% funded. With about $800 more, we'll be fully funded!

–We're 5 people away from 100 backers!

--Kickstarter gave us their blessing with their Projects We Love spotlight!

We really didn't expect to be so far along after just 48 hours. We are so, so thankful of everyone who's funded the campaign so far! Like, truly, madly, deeply thankful!

Day 3 begins, and we're so close to our goal, would love your help getting the word out for the final push to our goal! Here's the places to help out:

Kickstarter -…/time-cheetah-in-the-secret-of…

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you! We're in amazing place just two days in, and we could not have done it without your support!

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