$6,000 in a week!

This has all been... pretty insane. In 7 days, we not only got funded, but already reached our first stretch goal!

Everyone who supported us--friends, family, fans and random strangers--THANK YOU SO MUCH! I knew we had a good chance of getting this off the ground, but never imagined we would do it this quickly, with this crazy outpouring of support! So thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks I NEED TO STOP SAYING THANKS BUT THANK YOU!!!

We've also hit our very first Stretch Goal! Woo! Everyone that's receiving a physical book will get an upgraded version with extra pages and a shinier cover. 

Now it's time to shoot for Stretch Goal #2! If we reach $8,000, we're gonna upgrade everyone's rewards starting at the $35 tier with two brand new postcards and one brand new sticker!

Stretch Goal 2: Loot Harder

Stretch Goal 2: Loot Harder

Please keep sharing Time Cheetah as much as you can! You guys have pushed us further than we thought possible and with your help it'll only go up from here. Thank you so much!

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