People Watching

All my jobs currently involve a lot of people watching, and America is a fascinating zoo. Sometimes you're lucky enough to see a unicorn: a person so confounding it bothers you for hours. Who are they? What decisions made brought them to this here?

Today, I want to share some of the unicorns I've seen with you. Maybe they'll ease your hard day as they have mine.

-A old man, definitely not homeless, popping wheelies in his wheelchair while blaring Eazy-E from the speakers he installed under said wheelchair.

-A man at the airport wearing a sports jacket, shorts, sunglasses, high socks, and tennis shoes. None of their colors matched.

-A woman struggling to keep up with cattle drive going through downtown San Diego (Yes, that happened), all the while holding a sign that said: 'Get informed,'

The world is a beautiful tapestry, just like Time Cheetah's newest page. Seriously, this is bananas.