Wallpaper's worth a Thousand Words

Cheetah's new office is terrible: bad lighting, old computer and boxes full of surprises. But nothing sums it up quite as well as his wallpaper. 

And that's all thanks to our wonderful Colorist, Mikey Cossin. 

Our script for this page only mentions that Time Cheetah's office has some super sad wallpaper. We didn't expect to get the dilapidated, debilatinglinly depressing wallpaper that Mikey used. Not only that, it gives the page it's own unique color pallete in contrast with the rest of the issue. WHOA!

Comics, like international trade deals, require cooperation. The final product is never 100% the writers or the artists, it's a wonderful combination. Today, we wanted to highlight a piece that improves the whole and the man behind it. Way to go Mikey!

Why not see this work of art on today's new Time Cheetah Page? Or check out Mikey's shirt shop? OR DO BOTH!