2017: We're Back!

Happy New Year, fellow readers! I hope you're rested because Time Cheetah is back, going into the 12th gear of our shocking climax. Check. It. Out. Now!

What did we do with our precious holidays? Me and Carlos were in Las Vegas between Christmas and New Years, but we wanted something to do that wasn't the typical debauchery. Battlefield Vegas came to the rescue. In keeping with Vegas tradition, this is no ordinary gun range. 

Wanna shoot a WW2 rifle? Done. (I shot the M1 Garand.) Don't know what gun John Wick uses? They do, and you can use it to become John Wick. Or if you feel like compensating, why not just shoot a minigun? The service was fantastic and I cannot recomendad them enough. If you're in the city of Sin, head down to Battlefield Vegas. 

We wanna hear what you got up to during the holidays too, so please share with us your family dramas, moments of tenderness, or just plain existential terror over the coming year. 2017 here we come!