Welcome to TIME CHEETAH!

Hey everyone! Excited to announce that Time Cheetah is ready for prime time! Time Cheetah's a comic project that's been percolating for a couple of years and it's finally launching today at timecheetahcomic.com. Here's a couple of points before you start reading:

-Time Cheetah is a comic about a time traveling cat man who punches time criminals in the face.

-It is not a drama.

-It's written by Carlos Guzman and Alejandro Verdugo, drawn by Matt Cossin, colored by Mike Cossin, and lettered by Tom B. Long.

–The site kicks off with the first two pages of the very first story: Time Cheetah and the Secret of Stalin Island! This story will run in two parts, 26 pages each, and then we'll get to the next adventure.

-We'll update with a new comic book page every Tuesday and Thursday. We've built up quite a backlog, so save for unforeseen circumstances or the occasional holiday, the update schedule will remain consistent for more than a few months!

-If you like what you read, be sure to tell folks to come check it out. And if you REALLY like Time Cheetah, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook (see the sidebar).

-You are beautiful. Believe in yourself!

That covers the basics. I wanna give a little room for the rest of the crew to share a few words before I sign off:

Alejandro: This post may give you the impression that my brother, Carlos, is the leader. This could not be farther from the case. He is simply the fall-guy, I'm the real brains behind the operation. Keep an eye out for my posts and ignore my brother.

Matt:  Visually, Cheetah is not an easy character to nail down.  An enigma, if you will.  Expect to experience a gentle metamorphosis of his debonair visage along the adventure as it unfolds like a tapestry of finely woven.... well, you get the idea.

Mikey: Regarding the coloring of Time Cheetah, I've attempted to not overpower the line work with chrome-like glares and FX, as often seen in other comics.  I hope everyone enjoys the colors and, if done right, maybe they'll be the last thing people think about.

And with that, I wanna say thanks for giving Time Cheetah a shot! Hope you enjoy the comic and that you'll come back to timecheetahcomic.com every week to check out what's new with Time Cheetah!