Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

It's right around the corner, you guys! Christmas! The time of year when you hunker down and gorge on food, movies, TV shows, family, and gifts. All must be consumed, so demands the jolly red man!

In the spirit of Christmas, I'd like to give you all a few small gifts that will hopefully brighten up your holidays with mirth and frankincense or whatever. These gifts come in the form of internet videos that made me laugh this year, and they are carried upon the camel hump of our wonderful internet, delivered to the manger of your mind. Enjoy!

Cat Punches Stuffed Tiger -

Combines the simple joy of a cat video with the pumped up feeling of yelling “WORLDSTAR!” at your computer screen. A joy few things can provide, so we should cherish those things that can.

Bootleg Fireworks -

The amount of times that Jesus gets mentioned in this video likely counts as going to Christmas mass. Amen to that!

Geraldine Loves Star Wars -

I watched Rogue One. I played the Battlefront video game. I even read the Darth Vader comic book. But I guarantee the best Star Wars thing to come out of 2016 is this video. No. Contest.

Pokerap -

With the release of Pokemon Go this year, I re-listened to this classic to see how many of the OG 150 I could still name. I'll be honest, I got far fewer than I thought! Try it out yourself and keep track of how quickly you get stumped!


And since it's the season for giving, I'll give ya one more:

Suh Dude -

And a Merry Suh Dude to one and all!