Trains, Planes, And Zombiemobiles

Watched an excellent movie this weekend, which was a pleasant surprise 'cause guess what: this movie was about zombies! And it was great! Say what?!

OK, so zombies are boring now. We all know it. Walking Dead's got more seasons than you have towels in your house and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came out this year and you didn't even remember that movie existed until just now!

Leave it to South Korea to give the genre the kick in the mouth it needed. They released a movie called Train to Busan this year, about a dude taking his daughter to the town of Busan by way of (wait for it) train when a zombie outbreak hits the country. And like all good action horror films, things just get more and more intense as the movie goes on.

It's got tense action set pieces, breezy pacing that rarely lets up, and doesn't shy away from killing its cast or putting them in worse and worse situations. It's just thrilling and fun and if you used to like zombies but got pretty burnt out, you gotta give it a try. You'll have a great time!

Oh, right, Time Cheetah! This page gives ya a classic Colonel Bolshevik moment and hopefully a chuckle, ch-ch-check it!