Of Cosmo-bots and buff Colonels

Last week we spent a moment giving thanks, but now we have to address the elephants in the room. Mainly, the now elephant sized Russian kill-bot and juiced-up madman.

This moment is such a weird combination of elements from previous drafts. It wasn't always the Stalin AI in the Cosmbo-Bot suit, but a now-abandoned astronaut chimp antagonist. He was given for dead, became a genius through space rays, crashed on Stalin Island, and now wanted to go back to space (I think?). We ended up replacing the evil chimp with Colonel Bolshevik before the first draft.

But it also felt hollow to not have the Stalin AI physically present in the climax. We already had scenes with him on a screen, we wanted him THERE. As an AI, it was also a pretty natural fit to put him in a robot. The 'Hammer & Sickle' joke dates back as far as the first germs for this story, but was used by the Cosmo-Bot to describe its fists. As Bolshevik started to develop, such a bold statement felt more appropriate with his swoleness.

I could go one (Hell, Bolshevik's sudden muscle growth is our love letter to Dragon Ball's Master Roshi) but I think it's time you go and check out that New Page. WOO HOO!