Everybody Loves Ads!

You like ads? Of course you do, everybody loves ads. Without them our capitalist society would collapse and be taken over by, oh let's say, monarchy. And nobody wants that again.

Which is why we're proud to announce that we have put up ads in the timecheetahcomic.com homepage. Our artistic integrity is nothing compared to the delicious pennies we'll make supporting this vicious consumer cycle. All hail the all mighty ads!

"Wait, did you say pennies?" you ask, and it's true. If you go to our website, under our valuable ad space will be the current price to purchase that ad space for a day. At this moment, our ad space can be purchased for a shinny 0.00 pennies. It's the bargain of the century!

As time goes on, ad space auctions start and the value matches the demand and blah blah invisible hand blah blah trickle down. Nothing is stopping you, dear reader, from getting some free ad space in our humble beginnings!

So seize the day, buy our ad space, and read the Newest Page of Time Cheetah! It seems Colonel Bolshevik forgot a very important, oh my...